Anything you desire in life must come from the inner work you do for your self. Women need to learn to love, accept, and honor themselves above all else in life. This requires women to look within themselves to find their identity, and to realize their purpose and potential. Women who look outside themselves for fulfillment usually tell themselves the following messages:

“If only I was prettier, smarter, thinner; Then I would be happy”

Using outside things; attempting to feel whole, complete and accepted. Botox, Expensive Clothes, Big Home, Nice Car, Good Job and Relationships are great….but the simple truth is……these things won’t make you feel whole, complete or accepted and they aren’t going to give you the life you’ve dreamed.

Knowing yourself on the inside requires learning to find the roadblocks, negative core beliefs and resistance that stops you from having the life of your dreams. Once you’ve worked through the negative energy in your life the result will be an identity of your own, self acceptance, peace, joy, and empowerment. When you achieve this everything on the outside falls into place.

U-Matter can help you achieve your life’s dreams by working with a counselor or coach to teach you the skills and give you the tools to remove the roadblocks and negative core beliefs. Its all about the energy, we are all part of the Universe, and Universe is energy, removing the negative energy from your life allows you to flow with the Universe. The simple truth…this is what’s going give you the life you dreamed of.


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